BAM's Early Adopter discount ends soon

Patrick McKenzie (patio11)

Thanks for reading Bits about Money. For the benefit of folks who joined recently: this is a professional publication about the intersection of financial infrastructure and technology, written by yours truly (Patrick McKenzie). I go by patio11 on the Internet.

I’m still thinking through my professional plans for the next few years, after stepping down from full-time employment at Stripe at the end of 2022. (I remain an advisor to the company.) Readers seem to want BAM to continue, though, so I’ve carved out a bit of time to publish between 20 and 26 issues this year. All of those issues will be open for the Internet.

This is supported by readers just like you.

As previously promised, there is a 20% Early Adopter discount for supporting memberships. That discount ends today (January 25th, 2023), so this is your reminder. As I was featured on Bloomberg's Odd Lots in, by coincidence, the wee morning hours of the 26th, I'm extending this until January 31st to be fair to readers who just got here.

[Editor's note: The Early Adopter discount is no longer available, but I'm leaving this page up in case anyone clicks on a link to it. You're still welcome to start a supporting membership, of course.]

Your support also allows me to commit time to being a public intellectual. A recent example: I recorded a podcast with Bloomberg’s Odd Lots (out later this week) on why getting good at software has been a challenge for traditional enterprises like airlines and much of the financial industry. This is changing perceptibly, in part due to intellectual cross-pollination between tech and other industries, and we should all be thrilled.

There might be some fun opportunities later this year for supporting members in addition to the core newsletter. We’ll see how things develop and what experiments bear fruit.

If you have questions about memberships, most of them are answered on the memberships page.

I’m grateful for the support of the several hundred who became early adopters, and for the time and attention from all 20,000 of you all. Here’s to a fun and geeky 2023.


Patrick McKenzie

P.S. It is a canon of marketing-land that one always have a P.S. in emails like this one. The observed uplift in A/B tests for one last link to the purchasing page are gobsmacking. I yield to the data.

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